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Word Invasion is a captivating game of associations.

As the story goes, the player – an alien - is on board of a flying saucer, destination - Earth. Friendly aliens hope that during the flight they have enough time to learn the language of Earthlings. They have a hundred minutes. To understand the words, the aliens need associative clues. The player's task is to show the word ‘hidden’ in the meaning of the provided clues.

Rules: Unveil the hidden words using the power of associations. The word may be a noun, an adjective, a verb, or a proper name. The game starts with one association clue shown. You can open three additional words-associations if you want, at a cost – this reduces the number of crystals obtained on the level. The players can spend their crystals to open a chosen letter in the word, to remove unnecessary letters from the letter repository, or to pass over a particular word. The player can also appeal for help from Facebook friends. After 100 minutes of playing time, the result will be listed in the High-Score table, where you can compete with other players.

You'll find: gorgeous space graphics; vocabulary of over 1,000 words; amusing sound design; switch study words between Russian and English.

Word Invasion : Stretch your imagination! Use spare time to your advantage!"